Here are some tips for using the Crossfade editor Edit

Question: When using the crossfade editor what does the fade offset do excactly? What are the differences in the settings? Is this a way to expand the crossfade to the left by clicking something and dragging?

Answer: That's what the offset is for (amongst other things). In this case, set offset to 100, or simply click 'Fade outside object borders'. The xfade will now expand to the left only when dragging the upper fade handle in the object. Very handy when you know where the xfade should stop, and just want to adjust the fade length.

Offset value 50: Fades will expand or contract from the center when dragging the fade handle. Useful when you don't want to move the xfade center while editing the fades.

Offest vaue 0: Xfades expands/contract to the right.

(In reality the offset is outside (value=100) or inside (value=0) object borders. I use the right and left terms since I guess it's easier to "see". Further explained in the section about Asymmetric Mode)

Question: Let's say I wanted to make the time of the fadeout longer but not the fade in, how would I do that? Answer: Use the asymmetric mode. Set it in the editor or rightclick the object xfade and activate assymetric mode in the context menu.

Question: I see that grabbing the lower right handle, I can actually move the crossfade, but I can't go left, why is that?

Answer: You should be able to move the xfade to the left, assuming that you don't try to pull it outside the original object border...?

You can't move the xfade from the left side object though, except when you're in asymmetric mode. In this case you'll get handles for moving (lower handle) and adjusting (upper handle) in both the right and left object - and this is where inside/outside vs left/right comes into play... Try this in Asymmetric mode: Set offset value to 100, and move the fade handles in both objects. Now you'll see that the fade handle in the right object operates to the left, and the fade handle in the left object operates to the right, ergo outside object borders.

In symmetric mode there's only move and fade handles in the right side object.

Also, in the crossfade editor when you change the offset, a vertical dotted line appears both in the editor and vip, what does that represent

This represents the offset and it's just a (very useful) visual clue. Take my example with 50 as offset value: The dotted line is now in center of the xfade/objects and you know that the xfade center wont move when you adjust the fade handle(s). No dotted line: Xfade is adjusted inside object border Dotted line at object border: Xfade is adjusted outside object border.

Question: Can I move the audio independent of the crossfade position?

Answer: Use right(!) control key and click/drag with mouse.