The object editor ist one of the most important tools in Samplitude. There are 2 diffenerent object editors - one for audio and one for MIDI.

Object Editor for audio objects Edit

Open Edit

The object editor for audio object is opened by double click the audio object.

Views Edit

In standard view, the Object Editor has 3 pages:

  1. FX (Effects)
  2. Fades
  3. Time streching/Pitch shifting/Resampling There are also a minimized view (small window, best for working while editing in the arranger) and a maximized view (all 3 pages in one window).

Object Editor for MIDI objects Edit

Open Edit

For MIDI objects press the shift key and double click the object. When you don't press the shift key double click the object, the MIDI Editor will open.

Views Edit Unlike the Object Editor for audio objects, the MIDI Object Editor has only one page, but also a maximized view.

Next / Previous object Edit It's a simple click to switch to the next or previous object. Use also the "<" or ">" key.